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Hey there! I’m Jayne. I‘m creating a world where we’re one big healthy, happy, harmonious herd - I’d love you to come join me!

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Whoa there fabulous filly!
A warm, nose-sniffing, welcome to my Equijay herd!

I’m Jayne Roberts. Equine Scientist, Holistic Horse Chef, Wellbeing Trail Blazer, Author, Speaker and Health and Happiness Seeker.

My heart-led purpose on this planet is to help women and horses live their best life, beginning with the grassroots of FORAGE, FRIENDSHIP & FREEDOM.

I liberate ladies from the rowdy round pen of misinformation and opinion that saddles them in overwhelm, worry and self-doubt….

…opening the gate to a nourished, connected and supportive pasture.

A one that offers a well-researched & intuitively grounded approach to what our horses really need, and how we best provide for that in our world.

I believe we all deserve a life that is nourished, connected and free.

I’d love to help you live yours.


//It all began some forty years ago in Fox Hunting country in the North of England. Here I began my lifelong trail of making sense of horse sense down on my Grandparents’ farm. From my first pony, Bobby through traditional Pony Club & British Horse Society foundations, I jumped off into national junior show jumping success and was well and truly in it to the tops of my Hunter wellies by my teenage years.

Vet tech days

//Galloping through equestrian explorations in Europe, Canada, South Africa and Australia, a pioneering BSc (Hons) in Equine Science, and a couple of years lecturing at one of the leading equine colleges in the UK, I pulled up in the hot and humid swamps of South Georgia… Y’all. Here, I spent a life-enriching decade wrestling rednecks and rattlesnakes as an Equine Vet Tech and Nutrition Consultant. Along with my BFF (who also happened to be my boss!) I spent all day …and many nights… slapped in horse slobber, gastric reflux, pus, pee, poop, blood, sweat (buckets of) and tears. I LOVED my job!

//But with the highs of the vet world also came the lows of the vet world. Colic, laminitis, obesity, insulin resistance, gastric ulcers, injuries, behaviour problems, allergies, (re)emerging infectious diseases, chronic health issues, lameness. In so many ways a direct reflection of escalating problems in the human healthcare field. I realised that too much of my day was spent treating issues that were largely manmade and preventable. We were closing the stable door after the horse had bolted and I began to question if the horse belonged there in the first place.

Jayne & Echo

//In between all of this I was also going through really tough personal times. Lost in the numbing and shame-ridden reality of a failing, abusive and destructive marriage, my health and happiness was at an all-time low. My horse, Echo, became my escape…my 4-legged hairy hero. He was my confidant. My silent powerful therapy. He lived my darkest hours with me and helped me to take them to the grave (RIP my big handsome boy). He made me begin to realise how much of an impact our emotional and physical health can have on our horses.

Got issues with your horses?
You couldn’t hold up a better mirror to your own.

//As I took a hard and lonely life fall, hitting rock bottom became the catalyst for change in many areas of my life. Not least of which how I fed, kept and trained my horses. I fuelled my desire to know better and do better with a return to academia to obtain my Masters in Equine Science and Nutrition. As I jumped back on my horse again and began to reflect on four decades of equine industry education and life experience, I connected with what our horses REALLY need to be healthy and happy…and it’s a lot simpler than we humans like to make it!


You love your horses. I get that. They’re a part of us…making us feel whole, peaceful, happy. Bringing a sense of calm and connection that leaves us feeling grounded, energised and alive….complete.

You have cherished early memories of your first pony love. Carefree bareback gallops, riding from dusk till dawn, great friendships…FUN! And then life got in the way. While everything and everyone demanded your undivided attention, your horses had to move to the side.

But the clean, green aroma of freshly munched spring grass and the glorious feel of clean supple leather are forever ingrained in your soul. Now things are more settled, you’ve finally found the space to have horses back in your life.

…where they always belonged.

Keeping your horses at home is a childhood dream come true. Looking out of your kitchen window and see your horses grazing peacefully in a beautiful green pasture. A free rein to do things your way without feeling pressured and judged.

But this freedom can also be daunting, leaving a deep feeling of uncertainty, isolation, a lack of support and connection with other like-minded women. On top of that, knowing who to trust for advice can be overwhelming… there’s so much opinion and aggressive conflicting information out there.

The sole responsibility of our horse’s health and happiness lies in your hands

  • You think you’re doing a pretty good job, but wonder if you could be doing things better?
  • You worry about feed, pasture, rugs, bits, training, riding, shoeing…for a start.
  • What if you’re doing something wrong that could potentially compromise the health and happiness of your horse?
  • What if something happens to you…no-one look could look after your horses like you do!

Holy frijole fine filly, your wheelbarrow of worry is full!

Tired of pushing it up that opinionated hill of misinformation overload?

Yep…I’m here to show you right where you can dump it!


  • To muck out the noise of never-ending opinion and manipulative marketing manure and bed down deeply with what it REALLY takes to create a healthy happy horse.
  • For an open-minded, supportive and non-judgemental leg up to creating your own sustainable and self-led, healthy, happy herd.
  • To put the fun and enjoyment back into horse ownership and connect with other like-minded fabulous fillies.
  • To take back your own reins and discover what ‘the best’ really looks like… for you, your horses, your family, your life…

…then fine filly, you’re in the right barn!



A few of my mareish tendencies

  • I’m all about gut health and keeping it real. I live to be locally lavished, gorgeously grass-fed, gung-ho-GMO-free and orgasmically organic.
  • I believe in nourishing mind, body and soul…our horses included. A lifestyle that’s deficient in the fulfilment of fundamental behavioural needs can never be ‘balanced’ out by a bag, bucket, pill or potion.
  • I’m a born mediator and confidante. Nothing surprises me. As the daughter of Publicans and a domestic violence victress …I’ve seen, heard and diffused it ALL before!
  • I was born Jayne with a ‘Y?’…“Because that’s the way it’s always been done” just ain’t going to cut the mustard my love! Expect it to be closely followed by “does this get to the root cause of the problem?”
  • I’m a peace-loving-change-maker known to happily mount her high horse on a number of topics…lopping off whiskers being one!
  • A brazen bibliophilic, I’m known fondly as ‘Research Roberts’ by my colleagues (and admittedly less fondly by others over the years.) My super-sleuthing powers come intuitively injected with my inner woo…because p=0.05 cannot always give you the answers you seek.
  • I’m a level-headed, practical kind of mare you want around in a crisis. I have been known to single-handedly negotiate a dorsally recumbent horse, a bottle of triple-drip anaesthesia, a surgically-prepped testicle and a fainting man. I’ll leave you to figure out who the testicle belonged to.
  • It’s deep-seated desire of mine to make a giant compost pile out of all the rope halters and superfluous leather-tipped lead lines in this world. I have my reasons.

When Im not coaching, researching, reading and saving horse whiskers youll likely find me:

Sun-saluting at dawn. Connecting deeply in meditation magic. Snuggling up tight with my oh-so-divinely-ravishing, hunky hubby and nourishing my happy, healthy herd. I also enjoy cultivating my home-grown hobby. I once watered a plastic plant. It died. I’ve come a LONG way

Ready to take back your reins and get the leg up you need to create your own healthy happy herd at home?

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Still wondering if I can really move through the paces? Here’s my high-tailing gallop around the show ring…

Professional Bio

MJP_JR-58Jayne Roberts is an Equine Scientist, Registered Nutritionist, Speaker, Author and life-long horse woman who wants to create a world where we’re all one big healthy happy herd. She combines over four decades of equine industry experience, research and qualifications to help women and horses to nourish and flourish beginning with the behavioural science grassroots of Forage, Friendship and Freedom. Jayne helps to make sense of horse sense by leading her clients from the rowdy round pen of misinformation, overwhelm and self-doubt to the freedom of supportive, well-researched and intuitively-grounded greener pastures. By connecting back to core values and developing a greater appreciation for the true nature of horses, she helps woman to appreciate what their horses really need and how we can best provide for that in our world.

As an international equine expert, Jayne coaches clients around the world and has played a pivotal role in the development and management of several equine enterprises in the UK, USA and Australia. She holds an MSc (Dtn) & BSc (Hos) in Equine Science from two of the leading equine education institutes in the UK and is a Registered Animal Nutritionist (RAnNutr) and Certified Holistic Land Management Practitioner. In addition to guest lecturing at the University of Edinburgh and supervising post-graduate research theses, Jayne was has published peer-reviewed papers in the Journal of Equine Veterinary Science and regularly contributes to equine publications and industry groups.   Along with traditional Pony Club, British Horse Society & competitive show jumping foundations she brings a wealth of untraditional, real ‘n raw practical experience as a rural ambulatory Equine Vet Tech and Nutrition Consultant. Her hands on expertise extends to certification in Technical Large Animal Emergency Rescue (Operations), Emergency Disaster Response and Human and Equine massage.

After a decade in the vet world of being called out to shut the stable door after the horse had bolted, Jayne recognised the need for a more proactive and preventative approach. In 2012 she founded ‘Equijay’, a client mentoring and support service dedicated to cutting through the misinformation, opinion and outdated practices that compromise the health, happiness and wellbeing of our horses.

Jayne is blazing a trail to raise global awareness of the importance of Forage Friendship and Freedom for a Healthy Happy Horse…and why a Healthy, Happy Horse depends on a Healthy, Happy Human. She’s an outspoken advocate for improved equine welfare and ending domestic violence. Her purpose in life is to help women and horses life they deserve to live….a one that is nourished, connected and free.

Are you ready to live yours?

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If this is our first nose sniff, a very warm whinnying welcome, I’m delighted you’re here! I’m absolutely honoured you trotted on over to check out my barn. I hope you’ve found it a friendly and well-nourished place to hang out. Feel free to check out frequently asked questions here and jump back in anytime. I hope I can continue to help you cut through the nonsense and make sense of horse sense.

In health and happiness,

Jayne x

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