Let’s Ride

If you’re a wholehearted horse woman looking for the leg up to living the life you and your horses deserve… you’re in the right barn!

Are your horses as healthy & happy as they can be?

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Thanks for trotting over to check out my services!

I saddle up with wholehearted horse women that seeking to deepen their understanding of what their horses really need, and take action on creating their own healthy happy herd at home.

This often looks very different to what we have traditionally been led to believe or what modern marketing hype would have you believe.

Your horses are your world, your 4-legged kids. And you want the very best for them.

BUT are the as healthy and happy as they can be?

Take the reins back on what your horses really need

The health and happiness of our horses is my mission.

The health and happiness of my herd is my life’s purpose.

I would dearly love to help you with yours…but fine filly, you have to want that as much as I do!

Ready for a leg up?

If you’re…

  • Done with shutting the stable door after the horse has bolted.
  • Tired of listening to the opinionated noise of misinformation mumbo jumbo and conflicting heated horse talk.
  • Ready to bed down with what’s really best for your horses.

I’d love to extend a warm invite for you to come ride with me.

“Jayne will help you develop the confidence and knowledge to see through the marketing hype that traps the unwary, enabling you to make better decisions and provide what your horse really needs.”

Jane Myers MSc (Equine)

“Jayne is truly dedicated to making this world a better place for horses and those who care for them.”

Dr Jo-Anne Murray

“If you are wishing for a better relationship with you horse and or people in your life, Jayne Roberts is the person to see.”

Jason Virtue

Before we tack up together…

You should know I’m not everyone’s lead mare (and if you stick around we’ll uncover why no such thing exists!)

I work with women who are ready for that supportive leg up to a better life for themselves and our horses that give us their all. And my deepest wish is for this to be a healthy, happy and harmonious ride for everyone.

My barn is a safe, grounded & connected soul space for like-minded mares to love, learn, laugh, and loafe. To help keep it that way, there are a few rules I kindly ask you to nuzzle through before heading over to tack up.

Barn Rules

  1. There are many readily available quick fix, one-size-fits-all, horse-in-a-box solutions. They don’t work. Many create more problems than they solve. And you won’t find them here.
  2. Get ready to take up your own reins! You are responsible for riding your own pony…catching and grooming too. I can give you a helping hand with you what you need, why you need it and how to use it…but this is your pony to ride your way.
  3. Turn loose the notion that there is one ‘right’ or ‘wrong’/ ‘good’ or ‘bad’ way to feed, keep, train and manage your horses. We can choose to keep them more in line with how they are designed to thrive. Or continue on the archaic trail of behaviourally restrictive regimes that lead to stress, dis-ease and a pretty damn miserable life. Your choice.
  4. My pastures are organic, wholesome, real and well-nourished. I avoid fertilising with heavily-marketed manipulative manure…that includes feed companies, gizmos, gadgets, celebrity trainers, buzzword hype. I guarantee anything (or anyone) I recommend has been stringently scrutinised!
  5. Kindly leave rope halters & excessively-long-leg-breaking-leather-tipped-leadlines at the gate. I do not whisper nor subscribe to pseudo-savvy speak. Prepare yourself for some soul-searching silence, frivolous fun and straight talking horse sense!
  6. I do not chase flighty fillies endlessly in circles until they give up and join up.   My gate is always open for those who are seeking to leave the rowdy round pen and saddle-up with some scientifically-grounded, intuitive horse sense. Come on in when you’re ready.
  7. The health and happiness of our horses depends upon the health and happiness of their humans. Fill up your own bucket first!
  8. I’m very protective over the health and happiness of my herd and work diligently to keep it a happy, harmonious, safe and supportive place to hang out. I reserve the right to kick out any mare that kicks and bites!
  9. When we know better, we can do better. Once you’ve started out on this trail, there is no going back. Get ready to create your best life and pay that forward…for you, your horses, your herd…and this spectacular world we have been gifted to look after.

Ready to ride?

Here are the ways I am currently working with clients:

Group Lessons | Equijay

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Private Lessons

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